Zikr e qalb

There are five senses, one of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing associated with the human body; there is yet another, a sense of thought also. The information processed by them directly affects the Qalb Heart. If the eye sees something beautiful, a beautiful flower, a lovely picture, the Qalb Heart also feels delighted; if it sees something ugly, the Qalb Heart also feels distressed.

If the ear hears something good or bad, or if the tongue indulges in noble or loose talk, the Qalb Heart feels their effect. Similarly, the thought process of the brain also affects the Qalb Heart. If the Qalb Heart is distracted, it will divide its attention and consequently its connection with Zikr Remembrance Allah will be lost.

Zikr e Qalb Latest

It means the Qalb Heart can remain attentive to only one thing at one time. These are exercises of the brain that are similar to telepathy. This power is attained by focusing the entire mental energy at one point. Such people start with constantly gazing at the flame of a candle for five minutes in the beginning and gradually extend this time to several hours.

Those who become experts can continue gazing at the sun for hours at a time.

zikr e qalb

They do this to attain the ability to focus the entire mental energy at one point. During these times, you are using machines for similar purposes. The holy Quran invariably associates guidance with illumination and reformation of the heart.

It always ascribes the delusion of previous nations to the gloom of their hearts and also indicates the factors that contribute towards this malady. This point has not just been mentioned casually but this is the fundamental and focal point of all its teachings.

Different exercises are prescribed to keep each body organ healthy and fit. These exercises are practically taught in special schools of physical education.

The patients who cannot do any other exercise are advised to stroll in their rooms to keep their organs agile and active. But it is amazing that we devote whole attention to our bodies and do not care about the health of our hearts. On the other hand, this important point has been repeatedly stressed in the Quran and it forms the basis of salvation in the Hereafter.The Zikr is practiced in the heart, hence no words are spoken and the mouth remains shut.

The Zikr is coordinated with breathing, where each inhaling of breath is thought of as the word "Allah", and each exhaling is thought of as "Hu". People often ask the meaning of "Hu". Hu is a pronoun for Allah. It comes from the Quran.

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In other words, there's none but Allah. This is the same as saying "La Ilaha ill-Allah". Zikr-Allah is practiced by concentrating on some points or areas located in the chest. These subtle points are known as "Lata-if" which is the plural of "Latifa" something subtle or intangible.

Lata-if are practiced in all Sufi Silsilas, but their number and position may be slightly different across different Silsilas. The truth is that all other Silsilas of Tasawwuf have become nearly extinct, except Silsila Naqshbandia Awaisiah.

Therefore, the proper benefit can only be achieved by practicing the Lata-if by the Naqshbandi Awaisi Tareeqa. These five points are located in the chest.

zikr e qalb

Their names and locations are as follows:. These are not from this world, but from Alam-e-Amr. Allah SWT says in the Quran:.

Hence, these entities or Lata-if are extensive in nature, and can reach all the way to the highest Realm, the Alam-e-Amar, when they are energized. These Lata-if are like the batteries or the storage in which the Lights of Allah are received and stored through Zikr-Allah. Other than the above-mentioned five Lata-if of the spirit, there are two more Lata-if of the body.

Their names and positions are as follows:. It is not compulsory to know the names of the Lata-if for practicing Zikr. But one must know the positions. It is mandatory to have an accomplished Sufi as your guide if you want to pursue the path of Salook, the true Sufi path. But you may be able to experience some of the feelings of Tasawwuf if you practice the following Zikr. You cannot usually start a Sufi way of Zikr after reading it somewhere.

This is because the connection of the heart or Qalb must be made with the Lights, and the Lights travel from chest-to-chest. However, this humble person writing these lines has been blessed with the permission to conduct Lata-if on seekers. Therefore, the method may be effective even if you practice on your own.

For practicing Zikr, the seeker sits on the left side of the person conducting the Zikr. The lights are switched off.What is Zikr-e-Qalbi?

Zikr or Dhikr means pronouncement or remembrance of Allah, Qalbi Qalb means heart is in ones heart. Qalbi Zikr is remembrance of Allah in ones heart. Verbal Zikr is also known as Zikr-e-Lisani. Lisan meaning tongue, hence, a Zikr performed loudly is categorized under Zikr-e-Lisani. The heart in a human body is on the left side, and to think at all times whether one is sitting, lying or standing that with each heartbeat my heart is doing Allah Allah Allah.

zikr e qalb

It is also very important to meditate atleast once in a day. Read more about Zikr Remembering Allah. Meditation also known as Muraqaba, also known as Halqa. Halqa means to form around circle and Muraqaba means to bow your head and wait.

According to the Sufis, to sit in a circle and wait for the blessings of Allah. About Us. Our Sheikh. Tareeqa Naqshbandi. Sister Organizations. His Profile. Rohani-Talaba Jammat. Jamiat-e-Ulema Tahiriya. Audio Gallery. The Quran. Sajjan Saeen Blog. At-Tahir Urdu. How to Do It? Read more about Muraqaba [PDF].Right now! Site Sponsor:. Home About Us Join Us.

zikr e qalb

Qalb-e-Saleem A heart, which is adorned with twenty praiseworthy qualities and eliminated from twenty debasing qualities. So if you're after a life of bliss Qalb-e-Saleem is definetly worth striving for. You can start right now by beginning Qalbi Zikr! The twenty debasing qualities from which one must purify his heart are as follows: 1.

Associating partners with Allah 2. Hypocrisy 3. Hatred 4. Yearning and Desire 5. Greed 6. Doubt and Suspicion 7. Ignorance 8.

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Persistence upon minor sins 9. Arrogance Attachment with one besides Allah Temptation Hope and Assurance with one besides Allah Complaint and Grievance Vanity Stringiness Loosing hope in Allah Assuming one to be immune from Allah?

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Jealousy Deviating and evil thoughts relating to all matters Neglect and absent-mindedness from Allah.Remembrance of Allah from the Heart Zikr e Qalbi. When the Sahaba Karaam may Allah the Most High be well pleased with them all heard this verse from the Holy Prophet Sallallahu aleihi wa Aalehi wassullamthey understood how it was possible to perform remembrance of Allah Zikr e Allah whilst standing and sitting, however, they did not understand how it was possible to consciously perform remembrance of Allah Zikr e Allah while reclining meaning when asleep.

The Sahaba Karaam may Allah the Most High be well pleased with them all asked what was it that the heart did when the body is asleep? The Holy Prophet Sallallahu aleihi wa Aalehi wassullam responded by saying that the heart remains busy in the remembrance of Allah Zikr e Qalb.

By explaining this verse of the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet Sallallahu aleihi wa Aalehi wassullam is undoubtedly referring to remembrance of Allah Zikr e Allah from the heart Zikr e Qalbi and the one who performs remembrance of Allah Zikr e Allah from the heart is called a Zakir e Qalbi. There are 6 different ways or methods to engage in the remembrance of Allah Zikr e Allah :. There are three key yet simultaneous functions that one must observe in order to benefit from this form of zikr e Allah.

This is called Tassawer e Isme Zaat or Fikr. Each striking motion. Zikr e Khafi or Silent Zikr This form of meditation, Remembrance of Allah, is performed by clearing all thoughts and mentally remembering Allah.

As soon as the concentration is broken the benefits of this meditation or zikr also cease. With every inhalation of the breath the disciple remembers Allah and Hu is repeated with every exhalation.

Zikr/ Dhikr (Remembrance) Necessary for Everyone for Inner Peace

Zikr e Hubs Dhum. However, in this method the breath is held during meditation. In all of the above methods, the benefits accrued as a result of the Zikr e AllahRemembrance of Allah, is directly proportional to the amount of concentration and sincere hard work put in by the disciple. Once the disciple stops the zikr the benefits also stop. Out of all of the above methods of Zikr e Allah, Paas n Faas holds the highest rank. Zikr e Qalbi This is a special grant and blessing from Almighty Allah bestowed on those whom He chooses and favors.

Anyone that is bestowed with this infinite treasure is raised to the ranks of those on whom Almighty Allah has bestowed his special favors and it is for this disciple that the doors of Baatin higher spiritual realms are opened. The highest possible number of repetitions or pinnacle of Zikr e Paas n Faas is 24, times in a 24 hour period, whereas in Zikr e Qalbi, the pinnacle is greater thantimes in 24 hours.

Additionally, each time the Qalb says Allah Hu, there are 35 Million nerves in the human body which also start to reverberate in Zikr e Allah.

Furthermore, there are 72, pores in the human body that also get activated in Zikr e Allah, and in return for each pore that is engaged in Zikr e Allah, the sawwaab Divine blessings of reciting one Quran is bestowed on the disciple. There are billions of red blood cells in every human being and these red blood cells also become engrossed in Zikr e Allah. In both circumstances it is the Murshid Perfect Master that decides when and upon whom these blessings are to be bestowed.

After the stage of Deedar Visionthe disciple possesses so spiritually astute, that the past, present, and future become meaningless and one and the same.

Through spiritual insight Kashf the disciple sees all fourteen realms of creation as tiny as a mustard seed residing on the smallest finger of the hand and then the disciple is no longer considered a dependant entity, rather is able to lead others that are dependant.

The Holy Prophet Sallallahu aleihi wa Aalehi wassullam has said that whosoever recites the Kalima Tayyab at the time of death, they will be taken into the Heavens without being held accountable for their worldly life. Astonishingly, out of the hundreds of thousands and millions of Muslims that have come and gone from this world to the next life, very few have been witnessed to have recited the Kalima Tayyab just before death.Sir i want to ask one question that is As in silsila naqshbandia we do zikir qalbe sir i have watched in videos that the per say imagine the light of ALLAH or Noor is coming to your heart and your heart and a sound coming to your heart that is ALLAH and you listen it sir my question is how to imagine visualize i mean noor light sir i do zikir qalbe i visualize that the white nooor from sky coming to my heart left side is it right way or wrong or sir per murshid ad they give permission for this zikir i don't have mirshid can i do this zkir without permission what permission is important sir plz kindly reply this is very important for me thanx a lot.

Islamic Widget. Tuesday, January 11, Method of Zikr. Our method is called Pas Anfaswhich, in Persian, means guarding every breath.

Zikr is performed with the heart using breath as the medium. Sit down facing the Qiblah direction of Mecca ; in case the direction is not known then any direction is alrightfully attentive towards Allah and close your eyes.

The beginners may only do Zikr on the Qalb. Do Zikr on each Latifah for suitable duration.


After doing Zikr on it for some more time, start the meditation. The body should now be relaxed and the mind set at ease. Remember that no worthwhile progress can be made without the Tawajjuh spiritual attention of a Shaikh, because the Barakah that initiate a seeker along the Sufi path are transmitted only through him.

The Aulia men of God acquired this wealth of Barakah from them, and it has similarly been transferred through the generations. Allah willing, this process will continue forever, and every believer, regardless of race, caste or gender can acquire these Barakah.

Sound beliefs and sincerity are the only prerequisites for this acquisition. Constant Zikr reforms the heart and initiates the journey from vice to virtue, from anxiety to contentment and from a lost life to Falah - success in this world and the Hereafter. Anonymous January 11, at PM.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Right now! Site Sponsor:. Home About Us Join Us. Step Four: Qalbi Zikr Technique Now that you have gained Permission for Qalbi Zikr please view the guided video or read below carefully on how to train your heart to perform the zikr of Allah perpetually.

Firstly close your eyes and listen to the following audio with the ears of your heart. This will activate your heart in the zikr of Allah. Click to download audio Whilst the file is playing, concentrate on your heart and repeat the word "Allahu Allahu Allah" mentally within yourslef. Do this zikr even whilst your eating, drinking, playing and working.

There is no restriction of being in a state of purity or not. And if you forget. You should do this zikr even whilst in the bathroom.

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So just concentrate on your heart, which is on the upper leftside on your body, and continue to read Now, when you get some free time Close your eyes and concentrate solely on your heart.

Continue breathing steadily and do Qalbi Zikr from the heart. This is called muraqabah. If your thoughts wander, don;t worry, keep trying. Soon your thoughts will diminish and your heart will become more active in the remembrance of Allah Please use the audio files available in the media gallery to help you in meditation.

Also, please take some time to learn the tasbeeh dual beat technique outlined in the audio gallery section as it has helped hundreds of thousands to keep focus on Allah during meditation.

If you do Qalbi zikr starting from now and do it with vigour. Once your heart is alive you will feel your heart "beat" during muraqabah and you should soon, inshAllah hear, with your physical ears, your own heart say "Allah Allah Allah" That is when you will know that your heart is alive! Then inshAllah you will see with your own eyes how quickly your cuircumstances change.

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Many have seen a great increase in wealth along with a great strength to perform good deeds. So please don't delay Add site to favorites.

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